Time to refresh your playlists for the new season with these three singles. There's a little alternative, a taste of r&b, and a subtle love song that will add some variety to the tired tracks you've been spinning to death.

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Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - "Fire Escape"

Andrew McMahon said that he and his friends, the songs collaborators "bonded over the thought of old friends losing their s--- in a city that doesn't sleep, but also the beauty of having a home to crawl back to when the sun comes out. A number one if you will. I think it's the realization that the party does end and in that moment where you're standing and who you're standing next to says a lot about what comes next."

Best Line: 

You’re my number one,
You’re the reason I’m still
Up at dawn,
Just to see your face
We’ll be going strong
With the vampires, baby
We belong, we belong awake


Hailee Steinfeld - Starving

Hailee Steinfeld is sneaking her way in as my favorite current female pop artist. Her vocals sound wholesome and folky while the songs she sings have a pop/R&B vibe. Hailee has had some big hits (remember Love Myself?) and some stellar features, like "How I Want Ya" with Hudson Thames, but I believe "Starving" is poised to be her biggest hit so far. Not to mention, you're gonna be singing this on repeat after your first listen.

Best Line: 

By the way, right away, you do things to my body
I didn't know that I was starving 'til I tasted you


Andy Grammer - Fresh Eyes

Andy Grammer brought us the catchy as hell fidelity song "Honey I'm Good". His current single "Fresh Eyes" is the more subtle side of that theme. I love a song that promotes fidelity and healthy relationships and falling in love with your "person" over and over. We need more of this style love song.

Best Line:

My God, you're beautiful
It's like the first time when we open the door
Before we got used to usual


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