Troye Sivan first showed up on my radar with his YouTube channel. He is unapologetically himself in his videos, doing everything from popular challenges, collaborating with other big names in YouTube, and even coming out as openly gay in 2013.

Now, Troye has one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube, and his success doesn't end there. He was cast as Young Logan in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009 and was named one of the most influential teens by TIME Magazine in 2014. Although he is highly-decorated in so many areas, he says music is his main focus. And it's clear this is his calling.

Kylie Queen/

I made the early afternoon drive to Boston with my pal Cody for Troye Sivan's sold out show at the House of Blues. Troye was hosting a pre-show lounge and meet and greet for the most dedicated of fans. We were just lucky enough to get the invite.

Troye had been sick for the last several days, recovering in his Boston hotel room and at the Cheesecake Factory (apparently he's a big fan), but you would never know it. He answered a few questions and performed acoustic versions of his song 'Happy Little Pill' and his current single 'Youth'. Although I knew all the words to these songs, I was so mystified by his voice that I forgot to sing along. His vocals were buttery smooth and ethereal. Troye Sivan captured the room.

Troye cruised back to soundcheck for the evening's concert after snapping photos with the pre-show audience. Outside the venue, fans were lined up for hours. Some of them even camped out over night in front of the House of Blues doors to secure their spot in front of the stage. Troye Sivan may be a new name to you, but these fans had it plastered on their stylist crew neck sweatshirts and homemade posters.

Kylie Queen/

Troye took the stage right on time, opening with his seductive track 'Bite'. His stage presence was insane. From the second the lights came up, Troye's smooth dancing, snapping, and swaying was addictive to watch. The overflowing crowd behind me didn't miss a single lyric in any of the songs or the chance to yell encouragement in the form of, "Yaaas Troye!" and, "We love you Troye!"

Beyond his entrancing performance and his clever-artsy-emotive as hell music, Troye Sivan uses his platform as an openly gay performer as a powerful tool to support others in the LGBTQ community. Troye knows the importance of representation for the community. Troye Sivan uses 'he' as a pronoun in love songs and features same sex couples in his music videos, something that didn't exist in mainstream music when he was a young boy. Again, Troye Sivan is unapologetically himself, living his life and writing his music, in a way that's true to who he is.