I know leaves are a pain, but if you have a big ol' leaf blower, it can almost be theraputic.


Joshua Tice in Minot handled these leaves in perfect fashion. It's so satisfying!


Leaves can cause such angst. They clog gutters, they seem to be never ending. They are slippery as hell when wet. They can suffocate your lawn. But if you've got the time, and (this is important) you DON'T have to bag them - blowing leaves is the best!

The only problem with cleaning up the lawn this beautifully, is when a few more leaves start to fall. Nooooooooo! But that's when you grab the lawnmower, put the bag on that sucker and vacuum those few rogue suckers right up.

Either way, it's easier than shoveling snow. There won't be a whole lot of videos of how theraputic snowblowing is. Still satisfying, when it's all said and done, but it's not half as fun!



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