Ever since the great white shark first made its appearance weeks ago in its fatal attack off Bailey Island, there have now been at least six great white shark sightings in Maine since the middle of summer.

What does that mean? It signifies that the great white shark will be sharing our beaches in our waters with us off the coast of Maine for a very long time.

About a week after the fatal shark attack, people went back into the waters as if things were normal as if there was no potential threat.

Well, now there is, so I'm going to give you some essential information on how to deal with potentially coming across a great white shark off the coast of Maine. 

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According to cnn.com, these are the best steps. 

  1. Don't panic. 
  2. Maintain eye contact.  
  3. Stay big or get small.
  4. Don't play dead.
  5. Cut off the angles.
  6. Slowly back away. 

The experts also recommend not peeing in the water, according to CNN, as it appears blood is not the only substance they can detect from potential prey.

So no matter how much you have to go in shark-infested waters, your best to hold it until you get to a porta-potty on the beach.

Have you ever been anywhere where you've encountered a shark before? What was your experience like? Please be safe on the beach this weekend; we don't want any more incidents. 


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