It takes a lot of nerve calling Portland "trashy" when you hail from Florida.

Hey, Jose X Katie. I know that you think you are all that and a bag of chips because you have 109,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel, Southern Life. And I'm sure that people in Kansas who think that Maine might be part of Canada find it humorous or God forbid, informative...but I take issue.

Don't come to Maine, drive past a shelter, and comment on how trashy the city is. I'm incredibly impressed that Florida doesn't have a homeless issue. Good for you! But in Maine, yeah...we have a big divide between the haves and have-nots. You drove by both, but only commented on how trashy the city is and even named your 45-minute boring video:

Portland Maine A Beautiful City Gone To Crap

How do you know it's gone to crap? You have never been here before? What's to say we've always been crap? I think a comment on your incredibly boring video said it best.

You live in Florida, the armpit embarrassment of America, and you’re talking about how bad Portland, Maine is?

Your ideas of how living in cold weather resets you is moronic, said from the perspective that Alabama is cold. You want your life reset? Come visit when we have a cold snap like we did in February, when pipes burst for so many people that fire departments worked 48 hours straight.

Yeah, that'll reset your Florida life right quick. You're right, Portland is trashy...tell all your friends.

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