If you aren't already planning to get an iced coffee today as part of your regular day, you're going to want to today for Maine Iced Coffee Day at Dunkin' Donuts.

Dunkin' is giving back to Maine by giving $1 from every iced coffee sold in Maine to the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital to support Pediatric Emergency Medicine. If you want to give a little more, Dunkin' will also be taking donations as well.

Dunkin' Donuts has been helping the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital since 2013 with Iced Coffee Day, with a goal to raise $250,000 over five years for Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

So do what you were going to do anyway today. Stop by Dunkin' Donuts and grab an iced coffee knowing you'll be helping out a great cause right here in Maine. You may even bump into Rob Steele. He'll be out live this morning at Dunkin's in the Portland area.

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