Sgt. Craig Grossi is a Maine man and a Marine who served our country in a remote part of Afghanistan, conducting reconnaissance and enduring constant attacks from the Taliban.

One day in 2010, a dog Craig described as a pup with a big goofy head and short legs, wandered into the camp. When he approached the dog, he began to wag his tail. Craig said that was the last thing he expected to happen. It seems fate was decided in that moment, because from then on, the dog followed Craig everywhere.

The pup, who earned the name Fred, accompanied the team on covert overnight missions, he stayed quiet even when other dogs barked, and he didn't leave Craig's side.

According to the story from the Today Show, the Marines have a strict policy against keeping stray dogs. Any dog kept by a Marine would be euthanized, no questions asked.

Craig said that Fred was different. Fred made his fellow marines believe that some rules are made to be broken.

Sgt. Craig Grossi smuggled Fred back in the United States. The pair have remained together, and Fred now helps Craig cope with his PTSD symptoms.

You're a good boy, Fred.

Craig has since written a book about finding Fred and the adventures they've shared since the day they met in Afghanistan.

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