Since moving to Portland, I have noticed that the temperature is dropping much faster than it did in other parts of the country where I have lived.

Although the cold never bothered me anyway, I must say I was not prepared. If you are in a similar position, these items might help you as much as they did me.

This windshield cover will make it easier for you to start your morning commute.

You'll need a nice durable ski jacket. If you ski or work downtown where the wind is going to destroy your soul, this is what will make protect you from the elements.

Some waterproof durable winter boots.

Gloves that allow you to text while keeping your hands warm at the same time, because if you don't text her back, she is going to freak!

Scarves are not only fashionable, they are super warm. You'll also need to get them for your Portland fashion points.

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