If you play by the original rules, it doesn't take forever to finish a game!

Be honest. Have you actually ever read the rules for Monopoly? I'm pretty sure I never did. Well it turns out that there are quite a few ways that we're playing it wrong, which could be why it takes so long to play a game!!

If you're anything like me, a game of Monopoly could drag out for hours. Even days. But if you simply follow the original rules, it will go by much quicker.

For example: that rule that prohibits you from buying any properties in your first time around the board? Yeah...somebody totally made that one up. That is NOT in the original rules!

Or how about this one - all of the money that you pay in fees or taxes is NOT supposed to go to "Free Parking"...it was originally intended to simply be a place for a player to have a little rest and count their money.

Check out this video to see more ways you're probably playing Monopoly wrong, thus dragging out the game to be much longer than it should be:

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