Maine State Troopers took action to avoid what could have been some very serious injuries on Interstate 295 in the Portland area this weekend, when someone was driving the wrong way on the highway in two separate incidents.

On Friday, an elderly man with medical issues entered the highway on the wrong on-ramp at exit 2 of I-295. Luckily a Maine State Trooper noticed him and was able to put his cruiser in reverse to block him just as he entered the highway, preventing him from going any further.

The very next day on Saturday, a vehicle was reported going southbound in the northbound lane of I-295. Once again the Maine State Police jumped into action and caught him at mile 3 and stopped him without any injuries. He was arrested for OUI and several other charges after he had already done damage to parked cars before getting on the highway in the wrong direction.

Thanks to the Maine State Police for keeping us safe on the highways and stopping this drivers before something tragic happened.

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