The potato geniuses up at the University of Maine Orono have a brand new potato they created...the "Pinto Gold".

They say it's a high-yielding, yellow-fleshed specialty variety and great for roasting.

The potato can grow up north in Maine's cooler temps. Did you know that Maine was in the top 10 for potatoes in 2016 according to the US Department of Agriculture? Of course we were.

Can you get your hands on some of these yummy new potatoes?

According to the University of Maine;

Although Pinto Gold will likely never be produced on thousands of acres in the state, Porter says, he believes it will be beneficial for small-scale growers, restaurants, home cooks and gardeners.

Bummer. I love me a potato (it's in my blood) but not enough to grow them.

Gregory Porter/University of Maine
Gregory Porter/University of Maine

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