Everyone has their own opinions when it comes to pets. Some future pet owners would rather go through a breeder to narrow down more specifically what they're looking for with their future fur baby, and others have the mindset to "don't shop, adopt."

And truly, no judgment. Because at the end of the day, everyone having their own views and own opinions is what makes the world go around (and, ya know, causes us to be able to sit back with our popcorn and watch some good social media drama go down.)

But in all seriousness, regardless of your views, there are animals out there that could lose their lives in May if we don't do something.

Thomas Park / Sasha Sashina
Thomas Park / Sasha Sashina

SPCA of Connecticut

Even though most times, we refuse to acknowledge Connecticut as a part of New England, we also know that New England is home to some of the biggest animal lovers on the planet. And this is truly bigger than Connecticut being the redheaded stepchild of New England, too.

Over the weekend, the SPCA of Connecticut announced that unfortunately, on Sunday, May 6, the facility will be put up for a property foreclosure auction, which means the animal shelter will be no more. Which puts the future of any leftover animals in jeopardy, according to the SPCA of Connecticut.

We are most concerned that any cats or dogs not adopted would be at high risk of being euthanized. We are finding them homes before animal control seizes them and after that we have no control.

Since their announcement over the weekend, the shelter with from having 33 pets needing adoption to just 20.

If you want to save one (or more) of these dogs or cats (or both) lives, regardless of the fact you're not in Connecticut, you can still put in for adoption of any remaining animals on the official website of the SPCA of Connecticut.

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