Maine educator Greg Goan has been receiving unemployment funds accidentally since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis; he received his first unemployment payment a week after schools closed. Greg Goan told CBS 13 WGME the actual problem is he never filed in the first place. "I'm paid all the way through the year I do not need unemployment, I've attempted to contact the Department of Labor probably no less than 250 times," He also inferred that he does not want or need the money and has a fear of being taxed on the additional income, whether he spent it or not.

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Gilles Glod
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This incident further highlights the problem that Mainers are having getting in touch with the Department of Labor as a result of unpaid or overpaid or unemployment fraud this past year during the pandemic. The irony of the situation is it proves that the Department of Labor itself is most likely understaffed. Even our very own Lori Voornas received an unemployment card in the Mail due to a mix up with data and or fraud that (she did not commit.) A spokesperson for the Department of Labor said if you end up with unemployment money coming into your account, don't spend it just call your bank and let them know, but that still doesn't change the situation for Mr. Goan. What would you do in this situation?

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