Limited seating, cozy atmosphere, dim lighting, and a modest kitchen that pumps out stellar bar food. These Portland, Maine bars may not look like high end eateries from the outside, but sit down, order a few plates, and you'll actually crave these meals every night of the week.

Portland Mash Tun

We came in here after hiking all day and could not have been more pleased with our choice. The bartender and cook were easy going and great to talk to. The food was great. I ordered a bacon and bleu cheese burger with Parmesan ranch fries. The burger was made to perfection and the fried really hit the spot. They also have a great selection of local beers and have a pretty diverse cocktail menu as well.


The Thirsty Pig

Homemade sausage links? Sign me up! I was SO intrigued by the menu that initially I was legit going to order 5 sausages (yes, just for myself), but realized how unhealthy that may have been sooooo I stuck with ordering only two. I ordered Chorizo and Spicy Italian. Both were very delicious.



Everything I look for in a bar! Dark, with plenty of cozy nooks to relax with a drink and my sweetie. Oh and the food, the delicious  food! Their small bar menu really is spot on...I have had a chance to try a lot of the menu, loaded crisps, eggroll, burger, and Porky's Revenge. I loved them all, but particularly loved the burger with its perfect sous vide preparation and bacon incorporated right in the grind.



The food was amazing and that's the main focus. Who would've thought a burger could taste so good. But be aware, they're big!! Also, they have these amazing fries that are legit to die for. I don't know what they are or how they make them but every bar should have these fries!


Tomaso's Canteen

Tomaso's is my favorite place to get greasy pub food. Fried chicken sandwiches, dirty wings, steak and cheesemac and cheese, french fries- you name it. All delicious and pretty cheap.

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