A man in Canaan, New Hampshire just went out to his truck around 9 at night and was attacked by a bear!


It's very unusual for a bear to attack a human unprovoked. According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, the man went to get an air conditioner and didn't see the bear before he was attacked! He was lifting the air conditioner out from the back of the truck when the bear came up, pushed him against the truck and clawed his back. He was able to push the bear and chase it away.

In a video posted to Facebook, a black bear climbed onto Sean Conrad's porch in Grantham, N.H., in early June to snack on the bird feeders.

The man (who has not been identified by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department), did not need stitches and is recovering.

Officials believe this could be the same bear that has been rummaging through garbage cans and bird feeders in the area. The bear hasn't been seen since the attack on Friday. A trap was set and the bear will have to be euthanized if caught.

This time of year is hard for bears. They are hungry and there are no berries or acorns. So, please bring in your bird feeders and secure your garbage.



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