If you have the empathy the women on my mom’s side of the family have, then you haven’t slept since you found out a teddy bear with someone’s son’s ashes inside was missing.

I recently posted about the missing teddy bear stating that there was a chance it had ended up at the Goodwill location in Hooksett, New Hampshire, after possibly being donated to the Windham, Maine, location.

Goodwill Northern New England posted about needing help locating the bear after being contacted by the owner and the community immediately jumped onboard. My Facebook was filled with personal posts, news stations, and local businesses posting about the missing bear.

We may feel divided at times but it’s when things like this happen that we truly all come together as one for a greater purpose.

Missing Maine Teddy Bear Was Found

Goodwill Northern New England posted an update on Facebook today sharing the great news that the teddy bear has been found and will be reunited with its owner, a father whose son’s ashes are stored inside the bear.

My heart has ached for this father and this news shines new light into my day. As the post shares, they are thankful that everyone got involved and shared the posts, spreading the word to be on the lookout for this teddy.

Memory Box and Baby Quilt Still Missing

Although the teddy bear has been found, the owner commented on the Facebook post saying they are still on the lookout for a baby box and quilt. These items have been confirmed that they were donated to Goodwill, so we are asking everyone to keep their eyes peeled.

In the comment section of Goodwill’s Facebook post is a photo of the memory box.

The owner also shared that this has been an emotional time for her but the kindness and support throughout the community have been overwhelmingly appreciated.

Check back in with that Facebook post to get updated on any photos of the missing baby quilt.

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