America's Most Wanted is right here in Maine and New Hampshire as US Marshals are looking for a man named Christopher Ross who is wanted for violating his probation and is to be considered dangerous and a flight risk. According to the InfoNH Facebook page, Ross was out on probation for intent to Distribute Narcotics. The districts of Maine and New Hampshire US Marshalls, as well as local law enforcement, are working together to apprehend this man.

"ROSS was last known to reside in Waterboro, Maine, but has extensive cross-border ties to family, friends, and associates in both New Hampshire (Rochester, Somersworth, Farmington) and Maine (Waterboro, Sanford, Portland, Lebanon).
If you see someone who resembles ROSS, please contact the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force, or your local police."

infoNH/ US Marshalls
infoNH/ US Marshalls

Pay very close attention to this next part because it is essential to not try and apprehend this suspect on your own if you see anyone who looks like or even smells like they could be him, call the professionals to come in and deal with it. There are too many people walking around, thinking they're Supercop. Leave this to the law enforcement agencies, period.

The Numbers to dial are (603) 225-1632, for the U.S. Marshal regional office or call 1-877-WANTED-2, or submit a WEB-TIP, or TEXT NHTIP with any information to TIP411.
Local Contact: Task Force Officer/Special Deputy US Marshal, Colin WHEELER --- (603) 225-1632 or Deputy US Marshal, Jesse BELANGER --- (207) 780-3355


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