After you tie up a Clynk bag, hang onto it for three days - then let them know it's 'safe'.


Clynk has remained open and changed operation to make sure workers are safe. According to the Portland Press Herald, Clynk is asking for help from customers. They have started a “3 Day OK” campaign. They want you to wait three days after filling a Clynk bag before dropping it off.

Why? Because according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a study shows that the coronavirus can live on metal, glass or plastic surfaces for up to three days.

Clynk Facebook
Clynk Facebook

COVID-19 is mostly spread from human to human, but these days, any precaution you can should take. So far the three day wait is going well. To let Clynk know that you have waited, they are asking that you put a ribbon or string, or even a piece of tape to the bow knot at the top of the green plastic bag. Some have even put hearts and notes of gratitude.

Don't worry, Clynk will still take your bag if you forget to add a ribbon. They've changed their sorting so that workers are at least 9 feet apart and have protective equipment. Plus, they take way more breaks, wash their hands a ton and even added a 30-minute buffer between shifts to make sure that people coming and going can stay apart from one another.

Let Clynk know that all the returnables you are cranking out are safe for them to go ahead and process!


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