Food trucks will be allowed to be open. Find out where your favorite ones are!


Maine Food Truck Tracker will let you know which food trucks have checked in and where they are! Food trucks in the Portland area will be allowed to operate within their normal restrictions.


Portland is doing what it can to support their very foody city. When we open slowly, Portland has allowed streets to be used for open dining to keep the social distancing and still be able to serve dinner. Food trucks are the original open air restaurant. They have exploded in the last decade and there is a food truck with a specialty food for everyone - from cupcakes to burritos.

Summer is coming and you are gonna wanna know where the food trucks are! Food trucks are the best! They have clever names, super delicious food, it's a sure sign of summer and eating food in the great outdoors is gonna be the way to go this summer!

Now - go find you a food truck!



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