Hill, New Hampshire is a town of a little over 1000 people a little over 20 miles from Laconia. You would think not much out of the ordinary would happen here until a hot tub showed up in a snowbank on the side of a road.

The Hill Police Department posted the picture of a hot tub just dumped on the side of Lynch Road. We're guessing it doesn't work or was one of those hot tubs that seemed like a great idea to purchase at the time until you realized you never actually used it as much as you had hoped and it just was taking up space. Maybe it was both.

This photo was shared on Monday morning. We aren't sure if it's still there or not, but if you're in the market for a used hot tub real cheap, you might want to get yourself a flat bed and head over to Lynch Road and grab it. Okay, maybe not. There's no way to know happened in that tub. Ewww. Not enough chlorine in the world.


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