Kelly and Joe are vaccinated. Kelly did get COVID as a traveling CNA. Now they are in a pinch.


Kelly's sister Stephanie, started a GoFundMe for her sis. She's concerned and trying to help. Kelly and Joe have three kids, an 11-year-old girl, a 10-year-old girl, and an 8-month-old baby boy. Joe works full time as an office manager and Kelly is a full-time traveling CNA. They have both worked tirelessly through this pandemic and are both fully vaccinated.

Help a sick family with COVID pay their rent
Help a sick family with COVID pay their rent

Both girls got COVID last month and now, mom tested positive. Between her kids getting the virus and now herself, she's been out of work for over a month of work and Joe has missed 2 weeks. As with most of us, losing a week of pay is enough to throw everything behind. Especially this time of year.

They have a 3-bedroom home to heat and 3 kids to feed and get some modest Christmas presents. Kelly has applied for heating assistance, emergency rental relief, and other help. But that will take weeks if not months to go through the red tape and get the funds, and that's if they are eligible. But she is sick with COVID and needs help now.

Kelly's sister Stephanie knows how hard-working and giving Kelly and Joe are. Last year Stephanie needed their help as she battled cancer and was unable to work. In her spare time, Kelly crochets hats and scarves, and blankets for the homeless community. They obviously are giving people who find it hard to ask for help. Statistics show that most of us are a paycheck away from being in serious financial trouble. Maybe we can help Joe and Kelly from being a statistic.

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