There's something to be said about the legacy of a business that's been around for years.

For many, it can become a second home, a special place for locals, and a gem worth visiting for those from away. And when that storied place has to close its doors, it's hard not to be sad, to think of all the good times there, and to know you'll miss the place that was a staple spot in the community.

Unfortunately, that's the case for Varano's Italian Restaurant in Wells, which closed its doors after 23 years on December 3, 2022.

The eatery posted on Facebook a few days after its last day detailing its story from how it all began to why it closed.

While many other restaurants have had to shut their doors due to staffing issues, Varano's owners simply are ready to move on and want to spend more time with their children and grandchildren, according to the post.

But even with Varano's ending, the post indicates that the popular restaurant that delivered authentic Italian food and wine will "always hold a special place in our hearts and hopefully yours as well."

You can read the full Facebook post from Varano's below:

Of course, the post was flooded with comments and shout-outs from people who frequented the restaurant.

Here are just a few of them:

"I’m so sad to hear that you’re closing, but understand that you want to spend time with your family. We’ve had so many great meals and great times with our family at Varano’s and want to thank you so much for that! Please consider writing a cookbook- I’ll buy at least a dozen! I will especially miss your Chicken Bracciolettine!"

"Thank you, we thoroughly enjoyed every visit to your restaurant. It was amazing to find an authentic Italian restaurant of your quality in southern coastal Maine. You, your staff, and the experience of dining at Varanos will be missed."

"The end of an era........wishing you all wonderful things as you step into a new age. You two have worked so hard. All the best!"

"We were lucky enough to enjoy this great restaurant several times! Sorry to see you are closed but, hope your next phase in life is filled with happiness. You will be missed!"

The property is for sale currently and is listed by Daren Hebold of Lux Realty for $2.2 million if you feel like taking up the spot that's been such a popular location over the years.

Who knows, you might make your own new restaurant legacy.

Varano's, you will be missed, but good luck to its owners and staff with whatever the future holds!

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