The workforce across the country in the last couple of years since the beginning of the pandemic has been interesting to say the least. At first, you couldn't keep or find a job with the quarantine/shelter-in-place rules preventing a normal income from coming into businesses, which led to the inability to pay employees.

That time was followed up with a period that, to a point, still exists, where open positions can't be filled due to prospective employees not wanting to settle for a wage they feel is lower than their worth (which is a different conversation for a different time.)

States With High Job Resignations

In a recent study, the finance company WalletHub gathered information from multiple sources to put together a list of the states with the highest job resignations, which is led by Alaska checking in with the most resignations in the country. And while Alaska isn't anywhere remotely close to New England, New England is represented very high on the list.

Source: WalletHub

According to WalletHub's study, Vermont is not only the New England state with the most job resignations in the last month and the last year, but Vermont also leads the way for most of the country, checking in with the 6th-most resignations logged in the country.

New England doesn't appear on the list again until midway through when New Hampshire shows up at #26. After that, the rest of the New England states pop up toward the bottom of the list, indicating that Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and even Connecticut have the fewest quitters.

Dylan Gillis
Dylan Gillis

Rhode Island ranked #43, Maine #45, Connecticut #47, and Massachusetts #50. Which just goes to show that most of the country's hardest, most dedicated workers are right here in New England.

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