You literally can't scroll through social media or open a news app without seeing a picture or video of, or a story about, Taylor Swift.

Whether it's more updates about her Eras Tour (which kicks off its International leg in November and hits movie theaters on October 13) or following her whirlwind rumored relationship with Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce, Taylor is literally everywhere.

And with Taylor Swift everywhere, that means not only is her merch everywhere, but her inspiration is everywhere as well.

For example, the template for Taylor Swift's "Eras Tour" merch has been used as inspiration locally to save Maine wildlife, with Saco River Wildlife Center in Limington, selling sweatshirts and t-shirts that take Mainers and those from away "through the eras" of Maine wildlife.

And, to the shock of absolutely nobody, it's been super successful. At least check a couple of weeks ago, over $30,000 of fundraising dollars has been brought in for Saco River Wildlife Center with the viral merch campaign.

Getty Images / dk_photos
Getty Images / dk_photos

Taylor Swift Scarecrow in New Hampshire

Sometimes, though, Taylormania is all about just having fun and showing your Swiftie Pride, which is the case in Chester, New Hampshire, currently.

Every fall, the downtown stretch (and a bit beyond) of Route 102 in Chester becomes dominated by fun and creative scarecrows. Modeled after anyone from famous historical Granite Staters and New Hampshire pets, to juggling clowns and even zombies, dozens of scarecrows can be found in front yards of houses and businesses along the road.

And, this year, that includes the Queen of seemingly Everything right now, Taylor Swift.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Looks like Taylor will need to pay tribute to her "Chester Era" during her tour as well.

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