"Dogs are a man's best friend, they said." That's what my former coworker's video caption reads, hinting that his dog did something you wouldn't expect from your best friend.

Watch the video, and you find that Pat's dog Nauset did exactly that. Pat walked down the stairs of his Boston home to find a pile of feathers at the bottom. Pulling out his phone, he captured the scene of the crime - and the pillow murderer himself - on camera.

"What. Is. This." Pat says as he slowly descends the stairs. Feathers are piled haphazardly as a sign of what's to come. As he turns to face the living room, a hilariously horrible scene unfolds. "Ho-ly crap," Pat says.

He walks through his house only to find an unbelievable amount of feathers laying out everywhere, and you can hear a dog's collar tags jingling in the distance. He finally rounds the corner to find Nauset unapologetically jaunting into the room holding an empty pillowcase. "What did you do?!" Pat says. The dog gives zero f$%*s, it's clear.

The video comes to a perfect close, with Pat slowly approaching the dog, who flees the scene of the crime, prompting Pat to end the video with a mildly amused, "Yeah, you better run."

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