Maine Vanity Plates

I love Maine for so many reasons, but honestly, one of my favorite reasons is all the vanity plates. Mainly because most plates are absolute fire. Legit some of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Even after Maine lawmakers started cleaning up a lot of the plates that have f-bombs or raunchy messages on them toward the end of last year, there are still plenty of hilarious ones left over.

And honestly, some of my favorite pictures of vanity plates are the ones that pop up on Instagram or Twitter where two vehicles with vanity plates are parked side by side and either make an ironic or funny sentence.

Like this one (which I can definitely only link to, but holy bejeezus click through and enjoy the laugh.)

That said, a few days ago on Twitter, a picture popped up that involves a Maine vanity plate and, well, just the most Maine things ever all in one photo. And once you piece it all together, it makes total sense why it went viral.

Keith Luke / Laura College
Keith Luke / Laura College

According to his Twitter bio, Matthew Rideout is a Mainer who lives in Portland and is involved with consumer behavior as well as being a product consultant.

And since Matthew is a Mainer, it means he "gets" Maine and probably fully appreciated the fact that the picture he posted on his Twitter account over the weekend reeks of Maine on so many levels.

Maine Deer Hunting Season

Here's where it gets weird -- according to, Maine Deer Hunting Seasons doesn't pick back up until September at the earliest, and it's done by the end of December. And since we're sitting in February, it makes the above picture a little weird.

But for the sake of clearing up whatever drama could come from this to get to the point of the article, maybe this is an older picture that Matthew randomly decided to post up, or maybe the car hit the deer or found the deer and decided to load 'er up.

All that aside, tell me this picture doesn't reek of Maine on so many levels. From the coincidence of the deer head popping out of the trunk with the words "TA DA" next to it. The deer in general since they're all over the state. Snow everywhere in the background of the picture, and the salt and sand-covered cars and windshields.

Is this not perfectly Maine in one picture?

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