Maine has four major railroads that operate trains across the state. All of them travel over public roads at railroad crossings and sometimes have to stop, preventing cars and pedestrians from crossing. This viral video of a man getting trapped between two railroad cars stopped at a crossing in Gardner, MA is a scary reminder of the dangers of trying to get past a stopped train.

Luckily the man was saved by a woman passing by after his prosthetic leg got caught on the coupler between the cars. She's a hero, but this could have turned into a disaster for both of them.

Trains stop often, especially freight trains. In Maine they do so in rural areas as well. You could be walking through the woods and reach railroad tracks with a stopped train. If they are blocking your path, as much as an inconvenience it is for you, don't climb over the couplers. If the train starts to move, the couplers move too and they could severely injure or even kill you.

It's also a reminder that all railroad tracks are private property and you could be fined or arrested for being on them.

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