November has come and gone, and the temperatures only continue to inch their way colder and colder in December.

The present chill in the air makes it almost hard to believe that real warm weather hit fall barely a few weeks ago, and in the case of Portland and Augusta, Maine, they broke their temperature records for the month of November.

Can you believe that Maine was basking in the high 70s near the end of fall 2022? We're talking T-shirt and shorts weather. Maybe even a last-minute trip to the beach for some.

Though at this point, it feels more like a dream moment than a reality.

Well, according to the National Weather Service, November 5, 2022, was the record-setting day landing Portland with a high of 75 degrees and Augusta with a high of 76 degrees.

The old November record? The National Weather Service stated that both Portland and Augusta had highs of 74. Augusta only hit that temperature once in 1990, but Portland was at that high four different Novembers, the latest in 2020.

Interestingly the weather service also noted that the record temperatures were also daily highs for Portland and Augusta.

The old records were 71 and 67, respectively, both in 1994.

Granted, it didn't take long for the temperatures to get back to more "normal" seasonal temps only a week or so later, including a wintry mix hitting parts of Maine.

And that was followed by classic Maine freezing-your-butt-off temps:

Turns out dropping 19 degrees will easily make you forget all about the balmy 76 that took place barely moments ago.

And these were the low temperatures helping close out November 2022:

Having a second summer surge for the autumn season sure was nice at the moment, but that was probably it.

Then again, Portland, Maine, hit a December high of 71 in 2001, according to

You never know. More warm weather could happen again in December 2022, right?

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