While driving in Maine, you see a lot of wildlife. This was not a fun experience...



Coming back from the county on, I think, Route 169, I hit a bird. Not just a bird but a woodpecker. A tiny little guy just sitting in the middle of the road. The rule is that birds fly out of the way at the last minute and this one simply didn't.

He just stayed and I hit him and I'm sure I killed him.

I was so upset I cried. I couldn't believe he didn't move! He was little and I know he's dead and I was super distraught over it.

I just felt so bad that I killed it.

This is when I learned Lou is not a fan of birds. I told her this story and she said,

You cried? It's a bird.

I've killed an animal on the road before. She pointed out that it wasn't a cat (I probably would need a week off from work if I did that!!) It got me thinking. Was I too emotional over this? It's not like I cried for days...but it took me a while to not feel horrible.

I know lots of animals are killed by cars...I see them! Sometimes I feel bad for them too. Jesus..am I too emotional? Or is this the right reaction?

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