It was a gorgeous late summer evening, when all of a sudden...

Up north, in 'the county', on one of Maine's beautiful lakes, I was fishing. I'm not expert...I just like fishing. I like the sounds of the lure hitting the water, I like the slow reeling in of the line and yes...I like when I can feel the fishy biting the fake worm.

I have caught many fish on Lake Brackett. They are usually small to medium and I let them all go. But this sucker...well, he was a little bigger!


That fish was a 15 inch bass. That's the biggest one I've caught. I put him back, but he would have been delicious.

I did notice that fishing is slightly addictive. You hook one and all of a sudden, you want to fish a whole lot more! It's fun and exciting. And even Casco thought it was pretty cool. Although it interrupted her nap...

Is that a big ol' fish, or just big to me?

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