"Oh my God, it's Oprah!" That's what a customer screamed when Oprah Winfrey walked into Cobblestones in downtown Lowell, Massachusetts earlier this month, according to the Lowell Sun. Despite owner Scott Plath's attempt at keeping her visit quiet, it just couldn't be done. Oprah is too big of a celebrity to go unnoticed. Plath said people were so excited to see Oprah that they were "crying" when she walked into his restaurant.

Oprah was in Lowell for the UMass Chancellor's Speaker Series on November 15th. After her appearance, the Lowell Sun reports that she grabbed a bite to eat at Cobblestones with a group of people.

Cobblestones has seen its fair share of celebrities. Plath told the Lowell Sun that Mark Walhberg, The Rock, Serena Williams and Barry Manilow are among the stars who have dined there.

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