In addition to gracing the airwaves on Sundays on the Q, I'm also a singer and performer. A friend who lives all the way in India who goes by Shaitan and I wanted to do a "refix" of one of my favorite songs by my favorite pop artist, Ariana Grande.

Something unique about this collab is that my friend raps in Punjabi. If you are unfamiliar, Punjabi is a language spoken in the Punjab region of Northern India. I have a lot of Punjabi friends, and Punjabi music and culture have greatly influenced my life and my artistic expression, so I very much wanted this to be a part of the song.

I love the fusion of two cultures, two languages, and the fact that this collaboration could happen in two different countries across the world from each other. The song and video were meant to come out closer to when the original "Focus" came out, but sometimes delays can happen in production. At any rate, the video and song are out now, and I do hope you enjoy our Focus (Refix).

Credit for the visuals go to Zachary Greton of Nova Visual Group here in Maine and Grim Production in India.