As with all stories, this has a very weird let's start there. 

It all started with lunch with my two favorite Greeks: Anna from the office and Greg from Walgreen's. As we left, I showed them my NEW CAR! Then Greg did the weirdest thing and threw change into my car and yelled, 'For good luck!' Then Anna did the same!

I haven't touched it, because I'm afraid to ruin my good luck.

Then that same night it was Wayne's birthday. He picked Bay Haven Two Lobster Pound Restaurant. It's in Cornish and I haven't been there in a million years. I forgot how much damn food you get! Wayne got the Fisherman's Platter (it's his birthday after all) I got scallop and fried shrimp, Jen got fried shrimp and clams...and the list goes on and on...

We all strapped on the feed bag and ate and ate and ate and ate..and I'm not kidding...after a good 30-45 minutes, NOTHING HAD CHANGED!!

I'm not kidding. Look? It appears we ate nothing! But we chowed...and I do mean chowed! The plates look exactly the same! Hysterical...

Then the next night was a Greek feast at my friends Anna's. It was as though I had traveled to Greece.

We started with the appetizers:
  1. Two different types of spanakopita: traditional spinach and cheese, then mushroom and cheese.
  2. Fresh pita bread
  3.  Homemade tzatziki. If you have never had Anna's tzatziki, then you are having crappy tzatziki.
  4. Dolmathes with Avgolemono Sauce. Only Anna would serve this as an appetizer. This is usually a meal, and I ate enough for a meal...because I couldn't stop. My favorite!
  5. Wine. And lots of it.

Then came the Saganaki (flaming Greek cheese!)

It's worth loosing your eyebrows for!

Then the meal. How I had room for it I'll never know. You cannot have a Greek fest without lamb. It is THE meat of our people. As the famous line in 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' goes:

Aunt Voula: What do you mean he don't eat no meat?

[the entire room stops, in shock]

Aunt Voula: Oh, that's okay. I make lamb.

The dinner was amazing. It was a slow roasted lamb, potatoes roasted in the pan and a beautiful Greek salad with tomatoes, feta cheese, cucumbers, onion and kalamata olives.

I would have taken a picture, but by then the wine was hitting me and the tons and tons of food was settling...and my phone - hell, I didn't even know where it was.

The evening was capped off by one of the most complicated Greek desserts to make - Galaktoboureko. Anna is an amazing cook, but to pull of this dessert as well as she does, is pure genius!

Yea...that's filo dough surrounding the delicious custard inside...oh my.

One of my favorite things on this earth is Greek food and I really lived it up!

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