Well here's something we never knew. Bald eagles swim!

Tyler Blake from Wolfeboro, New Hampshire captured video of a bald eagle on Lake Winnipesaukee making waves as it swam to shore.  As you probably know, bald eagles are huge, so to see one swimming to shore is an amazing sight.

The eagle swims until it reaches the rocks on the shore, climbs up and spreads and flaps its massive wings to dry itself off.

So I'm not a bird expert, but I'm going to take a guess that once a bird the size of an eagle is in the water, it's probably pretty difficult for it to take flight again, so the only option is to swim. The eagle might have swooped down to grab a fish out of the lake and for whatever reason ended up in the water. Or I could be completely wrong, and the eagle just wanted to cool off on a warm day.

Where's a wildlife expert when you need one to explain this stuff?


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