We're not even sure how this happens, but a driver's carelessness set a gas pump on fire at the Danny's Variety on the Lewiston/Sabattus line on Monday.

According to the Sun Journal, someone drove off with the gas nozzle still in their car. How does someone do that and who long does it take for them to realize there's a giant hose flapping behind their car? Danny's is self service with old style pumps that you can't pay at with your credit card, so you need to go in the store to pay. Either they prepaid and when the pump shut off they just hightailed it out of there or took off without paying at all and brought a little piece of Danny's with them.

The results was not good. The pump caught fire and luckily was put out by the fire department before things got out of hand. Gas tanks and fires are not a good combo.

Ryan Phillips captured the fire from across the street.


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