Bangor news anchor John Krinjak made waves on Sunday when he dropped an F-bomb on WABI's live air in a "coming up" news promo. It happens to the best of us, right?!?!

From the video above, it appears that Krinjak either didn't know or didn't remember that he was live on the air as he was teasing the local stories coming up later Sunday evening. About 18 seconds into the "TV 5 News Break" clip, he stumbles over a word, abruptly stops reading, and says "...ahhh f*@#, sorry."


As a fellow broadcaster on the radio side of the universe, I will absolutely admit to doing this about 50 times every single day. We all mess up, even the most experienced veterans among us. The trick is to not do it when you're live on the air!

Hey, John... guess what just went up? Your ratings!

Keep it classy, Bangor!