Another week another opportunity to beat the coronavirus...with a stick!

Let's be honest, we all have a lot of pent up anger against this jerk of a virus. I mean, it completely ruined our 2020s in one way or another. We'd all like to punch COVID in its stupid face. I mean, if it had a face. But it doesn't. But do you know what there is?

A piñata in the likeness of the coronavirus. Complete with eyes and a mask!

And this one won't make you sick either. In fact, it's stuffed with candy, gift cards, and Q Masks!

On Friday we visited Darcy and Tabitha from Wex in South Portland. They're both working remotely, and have been since March but they both ended up entering unbeknownst to each other so they agreed to meet us there and beat the virus!

And yes, once again the jerk (piñata) didn't stay on Lori's pole. We'll figure it out for next time! Yes, the COVID piñata will make a return in 2021. If you want in on the fun enter here.

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