Note: 6:10 of this video is where the alleged threats begin to take place. 

A Belfast woman was taken into custody by police on Tuesday after authorities were tipped off by concerned citizens about a YouTube video she posted.


According to Danielle Waugh of NBC Boston, Laurie Allen, was arrested and charged with terrorizing, after a video she posted on January 10th of this year shows her shooting a gun at an undisclosed location, and then "thanking" various town officials from Belfast for being her "targets".

Allen has apparently been in a dispute with town officials over her property for quite some time. Police told Waugh that Laurie Allen's behavior was erratic and had become increasingly threatening towards the town and it's officials. Police stated that Allen had recently confronted town officials by calling them murderers, and even followed a city councilor through a grocery store screaming at them. All of that took place prior to the YouTube video being posted.


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