It's so nice to see such a touching story. Watch this couple get to their prom in Fort Kent by police escort. It's gone viral!

Ethan Hill and Sophie Saunders got a police escort Saturday. They both have special needs and are both loved by heir community.

Elizabeth Marin's adorable video of their grand entrance has since gone viral. The video has over 2,500 shares and more than 570,000 views.

Ethan is a senior at Fort Kent Community High School. He's also an honorary police officer at the Fort Kent Police Department. He helps out the department and rides in the patrol cars with the officers. So to say "thank you," the department escorted Ethan and Sophie to their prom.

Ethan and Sophie not only got to make THE entrance of the century in a police car, but they were also named prom king and queen. Sophie's mom, Paula Saunders, said she was touched by the kindness of the high school students.

Now that makes me feel better about all the other crap in the world..

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