The small corner of the world that I'm from is Lincoln County, Maine. It's funny when people ask me where I went to high school and I say Lincoln Academy I get back, "Oh I love Lincoln" meaning the town. So when I see a story involving my old stomping grounds, I'm immediately intrigued.

Recently I stumbled upon a Go Fund Me page for the Lincoln Academy Class of 2022 raising money for a spring formal. My first thought was, well, what about prom?

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I attended two proms during my years at Lincoln Academy. The first as a junior in 2007 when I was on Prom Committee and again as a senior in 2008. Both were held at the beautiful Taste of Maine in Woolwich.


Going somewhere away from the school grounds made the event that more special. Even if I didn't have a date and had to be picked up by my dad.

The Class of 2022 had their hopes up for a prom away from school especially considering how difficult the last two years have been. The school, however, shot down the option of an off-campus prom instead opting to hold the prom in the dining commons.


I can hear the nay-sayers now. "Back in my day, we had prom in the gym! What's the big deal?"

To that, I say that in the grand scheme of life, it probably isn't. But prom is a special night for these kids and they had their hearts set on something else. I can totally understand the disappointment.

The students and community have decided to take things into their own hands.


Spring Formal

Student Olivia Stiles organized a Go Fund Me to hold an off-campus spring formal at Lakehurst Barn in Damariscotta.

Stiles notes that the class has been hoping for a remarkable experience and were disheartened that there was no room for negotiations about where to hold prom.

The Go Fund Me has already exceeded the $3,000 goal and any of the money that does not go toward the formal will go back to the class gift to the school.

Check out the Go Fund Me here.

Good for you, Class of 2022 for making your dream formal come true.

Brittany, Class of 2008
Go Eagles!


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