Fans at Fenway Park Monday night got a real treat as David Ortiz threw out the first pitch just a mere three months after being severely wounded from being shot in the back.

It was on June 9 that Big Papi was shot while at a bar in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Thankfully, he survived after several surgeries and a lengthy stay in the hospital. Suspects in the shooting were arrested.

The crowd roared at Monday's game when Big Papi came out of the Red Sox dugout wearing his Red Sox jersey with his retired number. After throwing out the first pitch, he took a few moments to address the crowd, thanking God for a "second opportunity in my life to be able to be here with all of you."

The Red Sox posted a video to their YouTube channel which shows Big Papi arriving at Fenway, going into the locker room to see his teammates once again, putting on his jersey and walking up the stairs out of the dugout one more time.

The look on his face as he's handed his jersey and puts it on says it all.


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