The Sanford Police Department posted video surveillance footage from a Big Apple Store showing theft of money, however some people question if it truly was theft.

The video shows a woman walking in the door, spotting money on the floor and picking it up. She then goes and purchases alcohol with the money. Sanford Police now are looking to identify the suspect for theft of money. There have been several comments that question the that it's thefts. You know, finders keepers and all?

The Sanford Police addressed those comments:

This was a large amount of cash in a money bag that you can see being picked up right inside of the front door. The owner realized it was dropped and went back in and it was gone.

So what appears to be just loose cash on the floor was actually in a money bag. The exact amount was not disclosed.


UPDATE: The suspect was found and charged with theft.


What do you think? Was this theft or not? What would you do if you found cash on the floor of a store? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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