Maine's L.L. Bean showed up on Ellen's Show Me More Show on Monday when Ellen played L.L. Bean Toss, which we know better here in Maine as Cornhole.

Ellen played against Jesse Tyler Furgeson of Modern Family on Ellen's Show Me More Show an after-show of Ellen produced exclusively for YouTube. The two tossed bean bags from the 'skybox' on her set down to a giant L. L. Bean cornhole board. Regular cornhole rules applied, with 1 point for landing on the board, 3 points for landing in the hole, and points subtracted for and bean bags knocked off the board.

If you look closely at the beginning of the video, you'll see that L. L. Bean paid to have their game featured on Ellen's Show Me More Show, but hey...that's money well spent as Ellen is consistently one of the top shows in syndication.


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