Connor Whittum has talent, charm, good looks, an amazing work ethic and a ton of good luck and we couldn't be happier for him.

Connor Whittum

Connor hung out at the Q for a few years off and on back in 2013. Then he went to college and then...well, he just kept following his dreams. He has been an intern for the Today Show and he is just wrapping up an internship at Ellen. Yes...Ellen.

He has met more celebrities than Barbara Walters (ask your mom who that is). His latest is Taylor Swift.

Connor Whittum

That would be Connor on the far right, and that would be THE Taylor Swift second to his right.

Oh and they chatted and are now BFFs. So much so, 'Let's take a goofy picture!'

Connor Whittum

Have I met Taylor Swift? Uh, no.

But for some reason...I'm not even jealous. This kid is so nice and just well...he's got it. I know one day he'll stop texting me because he's too damn busy picking up an Oscar or something - but for now I'm enjoying watching him have the time of his life.