Born and raised in Maine, videographer Jeremy Grant has a deep appreciation for the extraordinary people and places here. He's dedicated to sharing his neighbors' stories and capturing the breathtaking sights Maine has to offer through his film and media company, The Timber Cross. One such view is featured in the drone video below: immense, persistent waves climbing and crashing over the rocks at the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse in Rockland, Maine.

"The water was higher than I have ever seen and the wind was blowing like crazy," Grant said.

You can barely tell in the video, but Grant says his drone was struggling to stay steady in the intense winds.

"Even though it was a risk to fly the drone, I had to try, so I could show you guys!!
My drone fought with the wind all the way out to the point and captured this incredible footage of what the light house looks like when you combined a full moon high tide and a nor'easta," Grant said in his facebook post.

Check out Jeremy's other videos on The Timber Cross facebook page as he captures more quintessential Maine views to share with the world.


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