Apparently, horses like to make snow angels too!


News Center Maine had THE cutest video of a horse in Falmouth really digging the fresh snow we got on Christmas day. Oh and by the way, go us for having a white Christmas! Anyway, it's from Rachel White and it's enough to make you want to a) go out and get a horse or b) go rolling in the snow yourself to see why it's so awesome!


According to the comments from people who have horses, this is not that uncommon. Horses like dogs (and cats if they weren't so uppity) love fresh snow and playing in it! It's refreshing and fun and different!

Horses apparently roll in not just snow. If they are too hot, they will roll. In the spring when they are shedding their coat they will roll. Plus, they roll to regulate their body temperature. Rolling can get the job done quickly.

Do you have any animals that enjoyed the snow as much as this horsey did in Falmouth? Share if you want, because nothing is better than happy animals!

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