I have loved The Price is Right ever since I can remember, and last week I got to meet a 7-year-old boy who loves the show as much as I do.

Jackson Woodworth is from Bangor and, like me at his age, has an obsession with The Price is Right. I always wanted to be Bob Barker as a kid, and as you can by Jackson's glasses, he wants to be Drew Carey.

Knowing of my love for the show, Danny Cashman invited me to be a guest with Jackson on The Nite Show where I would play host of a game of Plinko between Danny and Jackson. This was so much fun!


A big thanks to my friend Jake who let me borrow his telescoping magnet that he uses to grab stuck balls in pinball machines. It totally looks like that classic Bob Barker microphone. As classic as that retro Pepsi can.


Mic Magent


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