Tickets to the Friday taping of The Nite Show with Danny Cashman at the new Sanford Performing Arts Center got snatched up quickly when it was announced that Patrick Dempsey would be a guest, but there's still a chance you can go to the show.

Once a year, Bangor based talk show The Nite Show with Danny Cashman comes to Southern Maine to tape a couple shows. This year they will be taping two shows at the brand new Sanford Performing Arts Center. The second show taped on Friday, April 11 will feature Patrick Dempsey as a guest.

Tickets are free and they were all spoken for within a week, however if you want to go see the show, you can put your name on the standby tickets list. Here's how it works.

Tickets are free, so it's not like you paid $50 to see this show and come hell or high water your going. If something comes up and someone with a ticket can't go, no loss for them. So those tickets get re-released as they become available. The catch is, no one will know how many or even if any tickets will be available until the doors open for the show.

So here's what you need to do to get those tickets. Sign up for the standby ticket list. It's free as well and as tickets become available they'll go down the list. However, you must be present at the Sanford Performing Arts Center the night of the taping to claim them. Hit the button to sign up.


Just remember, the taping starts at 6 p.m. Friday so you need to be at the Sanfrod Performing Arts Center before then to claim you tickets. I can guarantee you there will be some tickets available as I have two that I cannot use, so if you really want to see Patrick, it's worth the trip.

The Sanford show featuring Patrick Dempsey will air Saturday, April 27 at 10:30 p.m. on FOX 23 and again at 1 a.m. on CBS 13.

Good luck!

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