Patrick Dempsey continues to prove his respects to Mainers and his home state by taking the softball field in Lewiston this past weekend.

Dempsey has been physically present in Maine all week, supporting and helping with fundraising for Lewiston and Auburn anywhere that he can.

This is why Dempsey (or "McDreamy" as most of us women call him) is one of the most genuine celebrities you may ACTUALLY have the chance to meet.

He makes being from Maine feel good. He's real, he's authentic, and he's proven it over and over again through his actions. Any celebrity can donate to the cause (which is still an amazing act of kindness). However, it's something special when a celebrity goes out of their way to come back to their home state when they could use the support the most.

The Lewiston Strong Softball Tournament was held as a day-long event this past Saturday in both Lewiston and Auburn.

Not only did Maine Native Patrick Dempsey show up for Maine to join 25 teams in the tournament, but with him was former Boston Red Sox pitcher Bill 'Spaceman' Lee. reports,

"The teams Saturday collectively battled through 48 games over more than 12 hours, some playing as many as a half dozen games in a quest for the title. Ultimately, there was a singular winner on the field".


Together, amongst many other business owners, firefighters, and first-responders, the tournaments raised well over thousands of dollars to benefit the families of the mass shooting victims.

I think I speak for every Mainer when I say thank you to Patrick for never losing his kind heart, even after hundreds of episodes of being McDreamy. WE LOVE YOU!!!

Lewiston Strong.

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