In case you missed it, Jeff lost a bet to Lori at the Maine Warrior Gym Axe Pit. She had way better aim throwing axes, so he agreed to pay his debt by subjecting himself to a swirly in the men's bathroom toilet at 1 City Center.

Well, shortly following his first swirly, we got a bunch of messages saying, "That wasn't a real swirly!! His head didn't even get wet!"

Well, Lori and I agree. The problem is, the toilets here are commercial toilets that barely have any water in them at rest, so Jeff couldn't get deep enough into the toilet actually get his hair wet. We solved that conundrum by bringing in a pitcher of water to fill up the bowl and allow Jeff to submerge his whole head. And submerge... he did. See the video below for Jeff's full redemption.

There ya go, folks. A real, wet, dirty, sloppy swirly. Lucky, the man thought ahead and brought towels and shampoo. Don't think we'll be hearing from anyone this time!


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